“When Boxes Turn Into Pirate Ships”, Making The Best Of Available Resources

Blocks of wood magically become ingredients for a pizza

Boxes turn into helmets

Sticks become drum sticks

Empty bottles become magic wands

and the list goes on …

Kids are amazing in that their imagination knows no bounds, and they are always able to the best use of what ever they have on hand. The world is their stage and everything becomes instruments in making their world a more exciting place.

In the workplace, we are not always fortunate to have all the best resources available. If budgets were no issue, then sure, perhaps, you could, but that would be the rare occasion than the norm. 

Hence, we should learn from kids play and turn every available resource in the organization to their best value and to your advantage. If its just sitting around not doing much, why not just leverage it. The extra computer, the additional admin personnel, the extra thousand dollars, everything adds up like magic to make an even better pizza, if you just made the best use of all available resources.

If you have thoughts on how we can best leverage available company resource, please share your thoughts in the comments, I love to hear from you.

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"Parenting is the new MBA: Succeed at work by applying parenting skills” is a column that combines 2 distinct areas of my life: my professional view on workplace management & my personal experience as a parent.

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