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Hi, I’m Edwin Ting

I am an e-commerce business owner, digital marketer & newbie full stack developer.

My company distributes a brand of natural cleaning products @SoapnutRepublicSG.

As a small business owner, I aim to help fellow owners to be discovered through @ThisIsYeet. I share my pov on business on @LetThereBeBusiness, and share about leadership through my lessons from being a parent on @ParentingNewMBA.

I also developed a web app [@chazaq.in] (https://www.chazaq.in/) for fellow Christians to share prayer request and testimonies. I am also teaching my little gal about business by selling her art pieces as physical products. @Eva’s Doodle

I previously lived and worked in China for 10 yrs and helped many international companies launch and grow their business in China.

What's next?
What if we could change the way our children learn through AI?What if could improve trust between people & organization and combat scams with a reputation system based on AI and blockchain?